How To Book A Fun Whale Watching Tour From Nuuk (+Tips!)

Are you looking to go on a whale watching tour from Nuuk? In this guide, I will detail all you need to know about taking a Nuuk whale watching tour, from how to book to what to expect during the experience.

Whale watching is one of the most popular summer activities in Nuuk, as it is one of the best places in the world to get close to the majestic humpback whales.

In this post I will walk you through the booking process, my experience of the tour, and what you need to pack to make the most of the excursion.

Whale watching tour from Nuuk
Whale watching tour from Nuuk

If you have any questions about taking a Nuuk whale watching tour, please leave me a comment below!

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Why I booked a whale watching tour from Nuuk

There are few animals I find as fascinating as whales, which is possibly due to the fact you only see the bits of them that breach the surface.

One of my main goals when visiting Nuuk, was to head out and see the humpback whales that call the fjord home during the summer months.

A whales fluke breaching the surface when it dives
The number one reason to book a whale watching tour from Nuuk

The fjord is fed by the Greenlandic ice sheet, which during summer releases tons of ice and mineral-rich fresh water. This explosion of minerals supports plenty of life within the fjord and has attracted a pod of humpback whales to the fjord each year to feed before migrating south to give birth.

With this knowledge in hand, I felt my chances of seeing humpback whales from Nuuk were good and I booked a tour that would spend a few hours searching for the whales.

Key tour information

Below I have outlined the key information for the whale watching tour in Greenland from Nuuk:

Tour Length: 3 hours
Pick-up: No, you must meet at the company’s office in Nuuk Old Town.
Booking Period: June – September

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How to book a whale watching tour from Nuuk

Booking a whale watching tour from Nuuk is easy through Manawa. Manawa is a fantastic tour aggregator based out of France. Their platform allows you to easily book tours from Nuuk in one place.

When b a Nuuk whale watching tour through Manawa, you should find that it is pretty stress-free. Simply click on the tour, select the date you wish to go on, the time slot you want, and the number of participants, and add it to your cart.

Once the tour is in your basket, you can opt to bolster your itinerary with a few more Nuuk boat tours or proceed to check out.

The open expanse of Nuuk Fjord
The wide expanse of the Nuuk fjord is perfect for whales

Payment can be made via major credit and debit cards or via online payment systems such as Paypal. After checking out, the money will only be withdrawn from your account after the tour has been confirmed by the tour operator.

There are some cases where the activity provider might decline your booking, but they normally will offer you alternative times or days.

Where to meet before the Nuuk whale watching tour

Nuuk is a small and very walkable city, therefore there is no need for a pickup option.

On the day of the activity, you will need to meet at the main office of Nuuk Water Taxi (Hans Egedesvej 29, Nuuk 3900) by the harbor in the old town. You should arrive at the office 15 minutes before the start of your tour. If you arrive early there is free water and hot drinks available in the office while you wait.

The Nuuk Water Taxi office in the old town
The Nuuk Water Taxi office by the old harbor

Alternatively, I suggest checking out Kunguak Cafe located next to the meeting point. This awesome little cafe sells hot drinks and delicious burgers, which are a perfect pre-whale-watching meal!

Just before your tour starts you will meet your guide, captain, and fellow tour members before embarking on your whale watching adventure.

My experience of the whale watching tour from Nuuk

In this section of the post I would like to talk about all the whales I saw personally saw, however as they say “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go array”.

I did not see a single whale on my trip, which is very uncommon and just my luck. The next day people saw whales on their tour and I have friends who took the tour much later and saw the whales.

A giant iceberg in the middle of Nuuk Fjord
The icebergs in Nuuk fjord are spectacular

Despite not seeing any whales on our trip, I had a fantastic time on the tour. As we set off from the harbor we set out into the deep areas of the fjord where the small fish and krill the whales feed on are in abundance.

The fjord itself is 600m (1969 ft) deep in places, which is perfect for humpback whales to dive deep down to feed. We spoke with our guides about the whales and other animals that call the fjord home, learning how this unique ecosystem functions.

Huge mountains rise out of the fjord
The fjord is so deep you only see the mountains peaks emerge from the water

The captain believed orca might have been frequenting the fjord as there was a distinct lack of wildlife in the area, even seals had scarcely been seen around the time I visited.

However, we did see a sea eagle soaring throughout the fjord, which was a personal highlight of mine.

A sea eagle soars above the fjord
While I didn’t see any whales, I did see an eagle!

While we did not see any whales, the views from the boat were stunning and made the trip worthwhile. Along with the spectacular views, awesome guides, and the chance to see whales, there are also free hot drinks and cookies available onboard the boat so you can keep yourself warm between stints on the boat deck.

A whale starting to dive for food
This is what I was hoping to see on my tour!

Even though I unfortunately did not see any whales when I took this tour, I would 100% book this activity again with the hope of better luck as it is one of the best things to do in Nuuk in summer.

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What if I do not see any whales?

If you are unlucky like myself, you may not see any whales on your tour. Fortunately, the tour provider has introduced a whale guarantee for the 2024 whale watching season.

A whale fluke breaching the water
Did you know not all whales flukes breach the surface when they dive

This means if you do not see any whales on the tour you booked, you can join a subsequent tour for free.

Who can’t take the Nuuk whale watching tour?

This is a very easy tour, you will spend the entire time on a boat and there is no hiking involved. However, you will need to be able to get on and off the boat and maneuver around it.

For those who get seasick, the fjord is completely sheltered so the water is rarely too rough, but I would still take preventative measures that work for you.

What to bring on your whale watching tour from Nuuk

The most important thing you can do is dress properly. I did not heed my own warning, dressed entirely inappropriately, and ended up being very cold.

The temperatures in Nuuk tend to sit around 8°C (46°F), but out on the water with wind chill they can feel lower.  I suggest wearing the following items, thermal base layers, a warm hat, a scarf or neck gaiter, a wooly jumper, and a pair of urbex photography gloves.

Me looking out over the fjord
I had to buy this clothing after taking the whale watching tour!

I also recommend bringing the following items with you to aid your whale spotting abilities:

  • A camera with a zoom lens – It is hard to judge how close the whales will be to you, as the encounters are purely on their terms. A camera with a zoom lens means you will be able to get incredible shots even if the whales are far away.
  • Binoculars – If you do not wish to invest in a zoom lens a pair of binoculars is a great second choice to help spot whales in the distance.

Do you have any questions about booking a whale watching tour in Greenland from Nuuk? Please leave your comments or questions below and we will try and answer them!

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