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11 Cool Things To Do In Kangerlussuaq (+ Useful Information)

Things to do in Kangerlussuaq

When visiting Greenland, few people think they will be desperately searching for things to do in Kangerlussuaq! But this small settlement is the surprising international hub of Greenland, where nearly all international flights arrive before most people transfer to smaller flights to their final destinations. Whether you are on a layover or you have chosen […]

12 Reasons To Visit Rovaniemi In Summer (+ Midnight Sun Tips!)

Rovaniemi in summer

Rovaniemi in summer is magical, but unfortunately, few people choose to visit Rovaniemi or the Arctic in the off-season. Sadly, this means many people do not get to enjoy everything summer in Rovaniemi has to offer. This guide will take you through 12 reasons to visit Rovaniemi in the summer. When is summer in Rovaniemi? […]

7 Incredible National Parks In Finnish Lapland

National Parks in Finnish Lapland

Lapland is home to some of Finland’s most incredible national parks. Each park is unique and full of incredible nature and wildlife. This post is a round-up of the best National Parks in Finnish Lapland and the highlights of what each one has to offer! Are Finnish Lapland’s National Parks open year-round? Yes! The national […]

31 Amazing Things To Do In Finnish Lapland (For All Seasons)

Northern lights over a frozen lake in Finnish Lapland

There are so many things to do in Finnish Lapland that creating a comprehensive guide is almost impossible… but I have tried my best! This guide will take you through nearly everything you can do in Arctic Finland throughout the year. Some things are season-specific, and others are more general. If you think I have […]

19 Fun Things To Do In Rovaniemi In Winter (+ Christmas)

Explosive northern lights display with vivid greens

Finland is a winter wonderland and one of the most easily accessible places to experience the Arctic in all of Europe. Given its accessibility, there are plenty of incredible things to do in Rovaniemi in winter. I first fell in love with Rovaniemi a few years ago the mix of city life and beautiful nature […]