How to Book the Best Rovaniemi Northern Lights Tour (+ Packing Tips)

Are you looking for the best Rovaniemi northern lights tour? This guide will take you through everything you need to book a Rovaniemi northern lights tour with a camera.

In this post, I will take you through everything you need to know before booking a northern lights wilderness tour from Rovaniemi, including how to book, what to bring with you, and my tour experience.

It is an easy tour with little walking involved and, therefore, it is suitable for nearly everyone! If you do not own a camera, the guide will come equipped with one and take pictures of you throughout the evening.

If you have any questions about taking a Rovaniemi northern lights wilderness tour with a camera, let us know in the comments!

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Why I booked a Northern Lights Wilderness Tour with a Camera from Rovaniemi

I love taking northern lights tours. While I am happy enough to go hunting on my own, there is something fun about going with a group of people and seeing the joy of people seeing the aurora borealis for the first time.

Every tour provider offers something slightly different, with their own little northern lights viewing points dotted around Rovaniemi.

The northern lights over a frozen lake
Northern lights over a frozen lake near to Rovaniemi

I decided to book my Rovaniemi northern lights tour with Wild About Lapland, as I love their ethos around sustainable small group tours. I had also heard that their northern lights tour is one of the best around Rovaniemi. Spoiler alert… it is.

Key Rovaniemi Northern Lights Tour Information

Below I have detailed the key information for the northern lights wilderness tour with a camera:

  • Provider: Wild About Lapland
  • Address: Rovakatu 24, 96100 Rovaniemi
  • Tour length: 4 Hours
  • Language: English
  • Pick-up: Yes, free within 10 KM (6.11 mi) of Rovaniemi. Pick-up is not available for those staying in the city center
  • Photographs taken: Yes
  • Booking period: September – April, this tour will not be canceled due to bad weather.

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How to Book the Rovaniemi Northern Lights Wilderness Tour

I booked my tour through Get Your Guide, one of the best tour booking platforms out there. They offer an incredible range of tours from Rovaniemi including the northern lights tour with a camera!

Booking a Rovaniemi northern lights tour via Get Your Guide couldn’t be easier. Simply select the date required and the number of participants you wish to join the tour.

Occasionally if there have not been enough bookings for your preferred date, you will be unable to book the tour for one person as a minimum of two participants are required to run the tour.

The tour runs between September and early April.

Northern lights over trees in the distance
Green aurora hanging over trees

Once you have selected the date and number of people, you will need to add the tour to your cart. At this point, you can add additional tours you wish to book.

Once you proceed to check out, you will need to add your details and a pick-up location if staying outside of central Rovaniemi. If your hotel is not listed, select a place close to your accommodation and contact Wild About Lapland with your actual address. They will confirm if they can pick you up from there.

If your pick-up location is outside of Rovaniemi, like Apukka Resort, for example, there may be an additional charge. After completing your details, you will need to go to the payment section.

Payment can be done with all major credit and debit cards, along with online payment platforms like PayPal. During the payment process, you can also reserve your tour and pay at a later date.

This is a great option for those who are looking to space out the payments for their trip. After you have completed the booking process, you will receive a confirmation email confirming pick-up details and time.

A lavvu in the forest glowing from a fire lit inside
Walking through the forest to a lavvu

Where to meet on the night of the northern lights wilderness tour

If you have selected a hotel pick-up, Wild About Lapland will provide you with a pick-up time. You should make sure you are waiting at the entrance of your accommodation on time to not delay the tour.

Once you have been picked up, you will be taken to the office, where you will be decked out with snow gear.

A couple posing under the northern lights
Wild About Lapland’s Rovaniemi northern lights tour

If you are staying in the city center, you will need to make your way to the Wild About Lapland office on your own. The office can be found at Rovakatu 24, which is conveniently located in the city center.

At the office, you will meet the rest of your tour participants and get dressed in winter attire if required. Once everyone has convened at the office and is dressed for the weather, you will head out with your guide for the tour.

My experience and highlights from the Rovaniemi Northern Lights Tour

Your Rovaniemi northern lights tour will visit two to three locations, normally within a 50km radius around Rovaniemi. However, if there are clear skies outside of their normal operation zone, they will head there to give you the best chance of seeing the aurora.

For this reason, I would not cancel the tour, even if it is cloudy above Rovaniemi. Every tour is different, and even on the night of the tour, different groups will go to different locations so that areas do not become too crowded.

I took my tour in late March when the snow was still thick on the ground and the lakes were still frozen.

Waiting for the sun to set so the aurora become visible
The sun hasn’t fully set by 10pm in March

The night I took the tour, the skies were very clear, but the aurora forecast was not predicting strong northern lights. This meant we were going to need a very clear view of the north as the aurora would likely sit on the horizon.

This isn’t always predictable, but the underlying data aurora guides read helps them to predict if the northern lights will be active. However, there is always a chance that the aurora will explode into action and appear stronger and further south than predicted.

Our first stop was a frozen lake. It involved a little bit of walking on a slippery road, but it was easy to get down to the lake. From there we had great views of the north, but in the west, there was still a faint glow of the sun setting in the distance.

It is quite surprising how late the sunset is in the Arctic in March. Thankfully, shortly after we arrived, the aurora came out to play. Our guide, Tyler, quickly gathered everyone together to take photos of the group and individually.

A lone person posing under the northern lights
A girl pulling the classic northern lights pose

The aurora started to fade and the lake became busier, so we headed to our second and final location. This time, we went to another lake where Wild About Lapland had built their own lavvu on the lake’s edge.

To reach this spot, you need to walk through a birch forest and then down onto the lake. This is the same lake where you can do the Rovaniemi ice fishing tour with Wild About Lapland.

You will need to watch where you are walking as moving off the path will plunge you into deep snow. As soon as we arrived the northern lights burst into action and put on another vibrant show for everyone.

While everyone was taking pictures on their own devices, the guide set up a fire in the lavvu. Eventually, we all went to the lavvu to warm up and eat some sausages (vegetarian sausages available on request) and have a hot drink.

In the lavvu, you get the opportunity to talk with your group and share travel stories and tips for Rovaniemi and Lapland.

People huddling by the fire in the Lavvu
People huddling by the fire in the lavvu

After the lavvu, my tour ended and we headed back to Rovaniemi, dropping some people off along the way. The best thing about this tour is even if you are unfortunate enough not to see the northern lights, you will have a great time.

This is largely in part due to the incredible guides that Wild About Lapland employs. Every tour guide I have met has always been knowledgeable and a joy to be around.

Northern lights shining bright on the horizon
Pinks aurora just visible on the horizon

It is important to remember seeing the northern lights is not guaranteed as you will need several things to go right on the night. The tour provider will do everything they can, but ultimately it is out of their control.

I recommend booking closer to the time of arrival as you will be able to see when there are predicted to be clear skies somewhere around Rovaniemi.

Who can’t take this northern lights from Rovaniemi tour

This tour is not suitable for people with severe mobility issues, as you will need to be able to get in and out of the minibus and complete short walks. I would not take this tour with younger children, as it involves standing around for long times outside in the cold.

Otherwise, this is a very easy tour that is accessible to pretty much everyone!

Remnants of an aurora explosion
Remnants of an aurora explosion

What to bring on your tour

Firstly, you will want to wear the right clothing, depending on the time of year you take the tour. If you go in September and October, the temperatures are not too extreme.

You will be spending a lot of time standing around outside, so you will want to be as warm as possible. A good pair of gloves is a must, especially a pair that allows you to operate a camera effectively if you are going to be taking photographs.

Pocket warmers are great during the winter, and if you are wearing mittens, they slot perfectly in the main section. I own a rechargeable pocket warmer that works perfectly and has three heat settings.

The tour provides hot drinks and food, so I don’t see the need to bring food with you. However, I would eat a hearty meal before heading out on the tour.

Northern lights behind a glowing Lavvu
My favorite picture, from my favorite Rovaniemi northern lights tour

Camera equipment for a Rovaniemi northern lights tour

  • Camera – You will want a camera that allows you to set the settings manually and run long exposures. I use a Sony Alpha 7 iii. This is a higher-end camera, but it takes incredibly stunning photographs. I have also taken photographs of the northern lights successfully on an entry-level Canon DSLR. Thankfully, nearly all modern smartphones have a night mode that takes fairly awesome pictures of the aurora. Just make sure your flash is turned off!
  • Lens – You will want a lens on your camera to have a low f-stop. I use a 20mm prime lens for my Sony, and for the Canon DSLR, I use a wide-angle lens. You will also need to switch the lens to manual focus.
  • Tripod – A tripod is incredibly important as with long exposures on cameras and phones, you will need to keep the camera steady. A durable tripod will do the job, and you can get attachments that will allow you to attach your phone to it.
  • A Remote – Avoiding any possible camera shake is vital. Therefore I recommend purchasing a remote to avoid touching the camera. Alternatively, you can set a timer, but I personally have always found a remote better.
Camera Frozen after a night of Aurora hunting
It’s not only humans that feel the cold but cameras too!

This tour is definitely one of my favorite activities when visiting Rovaniemi in winter. Do you have any questions before booking a Rovaniemi northern lights tour?

Let us know if you have any about taking a Rovaniemi Northern Lights wilderness tour in the comments!

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