How to Book an Epic Rovaniemi Ice Fishing Tour (+ Snowshoeing!)

Are you interested in a Rovaniemi ice fishing tour with snowshoeing? This post will detail everything you need to know about Rovaniemi’s best ice-fishing tour.

In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know before ice fishing from Rovaniemi (which is on snowshoes), including how to book and what to bring!

This tour is an entry-level tour and perfect for those who are looking to learn how to ice fish and test out snowshoeing. Although if you have experience in either activity you will still enjoy this relaxing tour!

If you have any questions about taking an ice fishing tour from Rovaniemi with snowshoeing, let us know in the comments!

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Why I booked a Rovaniemi ice fishing tour (on snowshoes)

I love to snowshoe, I find it incredibly therapeutic to walk through the snow and experience the places you would otherwise struggle to reach without them.

While I have done plenty of snowshoeing I had not been ice fishing before and was looking for a chance to try it. I have never been into fishing but considered ice fishing a must-try Arctic activity so decided I would at least pair it with an activity I would enjoy!

Snowshoes on my feet
Strapping my snowshoes on for a Rovaniemi ice fishing experience

This tour is perfect for those who have never experienced ice fishing or snowshoeing before as the route is incredibly easy and your guide will teach you everything you need to know about ice fishing.

I booked my Rovaniemi ice fishing tour with Wild About Lapland, an amazing company that focuses on sustainable tourism and small group tours.

Key ice fishing from Rovaniemi tour information

Below I have detailed the key information for the Rovaniemi Ice Fishing Tour

  • Provider: Wild About Lapland
  • Address: Rovakatu 24, 96100 Rovaniemi
  • Tour length: 4 Hours
  • Language: English
  • Pick-up: Yes, free within 10 KM (6 mi) of Rovaniemi. Pick-up is not available for those staying in the city center
  • Equipment provided: Yes
  • Booking period: December – Mid-April. Please note that the tour running depends on the the lake being sufficiently frozen and there being decent snow levels.

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path way through the snow on a frozen lake
Leaving our tracks on a frozen lake

How to book the Rovaniemi ice fishing tour with snowshoes

I booked the tour through Get Your Guide, one of my favorite partners who offer an amazing range of tours in Rovaniemi. Get Your Guide is an easy-to-use platform where you can easily book multiple tours and adventures.

Booking the Rovaniemi ice fishing tour on snowshoes could not be easier, simply go to the booking page select the number of participants you wish to join the tour, and add the tour to the cart.

You will then need to navigate to the checkout page where you will pay for the tour and add your pick-up details. Once in the cart, your places on the tour will be held for 50 minutes.

me on a on a frozen lake
The look of a man who didn’t catch any fish

Once you go to the checkout out you will need to put in your information and choose a pick-up location for accommodation outside of the city center.

When you go to the payment section you will have the option to pay for the tour directly or reserve your spots and pay later, which is a great option for those looking to space out the payment of their tours.

Payment can be done via all major credit and debit cards, PayPal and Apple or Google Pay.

Where to meet on the morning of the Rovaniemi ice fishing tour

Wild About Lapland offers free pick-up for those staying up to 10 km (6 mi) outside of the city center. For those staying more than 10 km (6 mi) out of the city center, there may be an additional surcharge.

You will be provided your pick-up time close to the tour’s start date. After being picked up you will be taken to the office to meet those who are already there and change into high-quality snow gear.

If you are staying in the city center you will need to meet at the Wild About Lapland office at Rovakatu 24.

As part of their pledge to be environmentally friendly, they look to cut out unnecessary journeys. As part of this mission, they will offset the carbon produced by driving the minivan to and from the tour’s start and end points by planting trees.

My experience and highlights from the Rovaniemi ice fishing tour with snowshoes

The tour departs from the Wild About Laplands office. When everyone arrives, your tour guide will supply you with a snowsuit and warm boots! While the snowsuit is great you will need to have appropriate under-layers on to ensure you keep truly warm.

Once everyone is ready, you will head out of the city to a frozen lake surrounded by a forest. From here you will start the snowshoeing part of the tour, as you make your way to the fishing spot on the lake.

trying to catch a fish
No matter how patient you are sometimes the fish do not bite!

Once the perfect fishing spot has been selected you will learn how to ice fish including drilling your fishing hole through the ice.

Once you are all good to go, the rest is up to luck as you hope for a fish to bite. If you are fortunate enough to catch a fish (unlike me), your guide will prepare and cook it for you in the company’s lakeside lavvu.

Here are a few of my highlights of the tour:

Snowshoeing through the forest onto the lake

The tour starts with snowshoeing through a small birch forest that lines the lake. As you walk along partially already-established trails, you will also get the opportunity to head into deeper snow and create your own path.

The best thing about forging ahead with your own trail is that in some places the snow goes up way past your knees making it feel like you are a true Arctic explorer.

As you walk through the forest your guide will explain interesting facts about the nature and wildlife in the forest.

snowshoeing through a birch forest
Trudging our way through the forest

While the walking route through the forest is only short, it really packs a punch when it comes to beauty. You will exit the forest and head out on the frozen lake where you will walk through pristine snow to the perfect ice fishing spot.

The lake portion of the walk was completely surreal as despite taking the tour at the start of April the snow on the lake was still immaculate.

The Art of Ice Fishing

I am not good at sitting around, in fact, I can’t do beach holidays because I can only sit on a beach for about 3 minutes before getting bored. It was safe to say I didn’t have much hope that I would be able to patiently wait for fish.

Before you get to fish you will need to learn how to drill a hole in the ice and set up your fishing station. Manually drilling through the ice isn’t as difficult as you would think and after a few minutes, you will be through the ice and ready to fish.

me drilling a hole in the ice
Getting a work out hand drilling a hole in the ice!

You will be provided with a small backpack that doubles up as a stool which you can sit on as you wait for a fish to bite.

I was shocked at how much patience I had for fishing and determined that I would catch something. For all my determination and willingness, I was unable to coax a fish to bite. Although, neither was anyone else on my tour!

BBQ in the lavvu

After you have caught enough fish, or in my case given up, your guide will take you to the company’s private lavvu on the shoreside.

Inside the lavvu they will set up a fire where you can warm up and cook up your spoils. If your group is unlucky in the fishing department, the guide will have some sausages for you to eat.

Cooking sausages over a fire
When you can’t catch fish… eat sausages.

During the booking process, you should note if you are vegetarian or not so they provide you with some vegetarian sausages.

I found the time hanging out in the lavvu great, as it gives you the opportunity to talk with your fellow tour mates and guides, exchanging tips about Rovaniemi and travel in general.

The guide

A big shout out to my guide Santi, who is a great tour guide and incredibly knowledgeable. I have done numerous tours with Wild About Lapland and have always found their tour guides to be some of the best in the business.

Establishing a path through the snow
Santi creating the path through the snow

Santi’s knowledge of the forest and fishing made the experience so much better, teaching us how to fish and various other cool things along the way! He also was very willing to take photos of members of the group so that they had proof of their endeavors.

Who can’t take this ice fishing tour from Rovaniemi

This tour is not suitable for those who have mobility issues. While the snowshoeing part is not remotely challenging it does require walking through deep snow and being able to manoeuvre with snowshoes strapped to your feet.

For those who are nervous about snowshoeing for the first time, I think this tour is the perfect introduction as you will not do it for long and you will be given expert guidance on how to do it.

Luckily, there are also ways to make it easier, for example following the tracks already in the snow or following directly behind the guide so that they have to do all the hard work!

What to bring on your tour

The main thing is to wear the right clothing under the snowsuit. When I went we had superb weather, the sun shone and it didn’t feel cold at all! However, during the depths of winter in Rovaniemi, the temperatures can really sink and this tour will run no matter the weather!

I also recommend bringing electric hand warmers you can keep in your pockets or mittens if your hands get a little chilly as you sit on the ice waiting for a fish to bite.

stool set up by my fishing hole
Wild About Lapland provide everything including a seat!

Other than these few things there is little you need to bring on this tour. Fishing and snowshoe gear will be provided by the tour operator, along with hot drinks and food in case you do not manage to catch any fish!

Do you have any questions before booking a Rovaniemi ice-fishing with snowshoeing tour? Let us know if you have any about taking an ice fishing tour from Rovaniemi in the comments!

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